With the right tone, we as a team of trained professionals provide you with the best pool table removals Auckland service. Removing the pool table is not that easy as it seems. It has so many parts to take care of separately.

Our team of expert pool table removals will assure you the best possible way to move your pool table where you want it. labelling every part gradually step by step is the key factor to move a heavy pool table for a distance.

We make you understand the essentials of a pool table when you want to shift it to a different location.

A pool table can weigh up to 600 to 900 lbs and can be very difficult to carry the setup when you are on your own.

You cannot just lift it by calling someone from your neighbourhood because it requires proper skills and techniques.

That’s why you need a professional team of pool table movers?

Our team of pool table movers assists you with your weight lifting problem by providing suitable workers for the job. They are strong enough to lift the pool table easily and move it without any sort of damage.

Parts of a pool table

There are 13 parts in the pool table cross-section, which can be easily noticeable by the owner in the 3-d frame dimension. Some of them are mentioned below.

Cushion, Slate, Cabinet, Top rail, Legs, All the pocket points, The playing field, centre beam, Base support, Cross-support beam.

All parts of this table depend on each other to make the table worm and smooth.

The interior of the table consists of all the hardwood softwood structures with screws tightens them up to build a stable frame.

So, there is too much to handle while conducting a process of moving your pool. Subject wise it needs a lot of knowledge, just for the assurance of what you are dealing with.

The team of pool removals Auckland can make your work easy. Each member of our team is well experienced in doing this kind of work with all care. Keeping all the aspects, they are all set and ready to relocate your pool.

Pool Table Removals Auckland- Tool Kit

Every tool has its official place in the toolbox. Mastering over each of them requires thorough knowledge of carpeting skills.

And the team we provide you at your door-step has that skill. We are not talking about some simple brushing but disassembling a whole structure with attention.

Counting starts with Markers, Moving blankets, needle nose pliers, Plastic movers wrap Specialized drill, Socket wrench, and more.

Disassembling and Assembling

The team of professionals from Auckland Movers Packers are not going to carry your pool table in one piece. Our team is not going to let the expense you spend over this piece of furniture in vain.

To eliminate the damage we disassemble its part into small pieces. And it provides enough agility to the process.

After arrival at the new place, our team assembled the pool table to its directed location. And with the right man at work, we assure no error in performing our task.

The budget of pool table removals Auckland

The service charge we take for our operatives depends on the customer choices. Customized packages will make your work easy. Where hiring services are also mentioned. You can easily choose the conveying type for your table in one click, and make your movement sound and accurate. And we assure a cheap budget fit figure for you.

Our primary goal is to make our customers satisfied both with the performance and money.


Not a costly affair by the look of it. And you think you will going to make it. There is no arguing with the fact that how much simple a pool table look but, it has a complicated disassembly process that depends on its age and condition. The possibility of making the mistake for the very first time in making your billiard table move is quite high. Like every other amateur before, you are going to make mistakes and you have to pay for it. Our professional pool table removals Auckland are enhanced with qualifiable skills to move your pool tables and will offer you moving insurance for your pool table. If anything bad happens, the damage will be covered. Now, its something pretty much better than needlessly risking your pool table for saving some bucks.

We are Reliable and Safe Auckland Pool Table Movers

The work of a professional team is hard and move with rapid pace. We never try to compete with our competitors but try to satisfy our customers. With great working experience, we are here to make your movement easy. And make your experience splendid of moving a pool table with us.

For more details you can contact us by simply call us on- +64 9801 3950,

or  you can mail us on- info@aucklandmoverspackers.co.nz

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