Now that you’ve gone ahead and chosen to enjoy a personal hot tub, you’re currently relaxing in its warm water. An empty hot tub may weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, which makes it challenging to figure out how to do it safely.

Relocating a hot tub or spa pool can be a complex effort that requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of both the equipment and those involved in the moving process. Whether you’re moving to a new home or upgrading your outdoor space, understanding the best practices for moving a hot tub is essential. So, in this comprehensive guide, Auckland Movers Packers will walk you through the steps and tips to move a spa pool safely and efficiently. Let’s Begin!

Top 10 Tips For Moving A Hot Tub

Once you are confident that you can get your hot tub to the new location without much trouble, it’s time to do the heavy lifting! Here are the tips you will want to follow to move a hot tub/spa.

1. Assess The Situation And Plan Accordingly

Before you begin the moving process, assess the logistics involved and consider factors such as the distance of the move, the doorways, any obstacles in the path, and whether you have the necessary equipment and manpower. This assessment will help you develop a clear plan and anticipate any challenges that might arise during the move. After that, based on these factors, make a plan that will help you move the spa pool safely.

2. Gather Essential Equipment and Supplies

Moving a hot tub requires specialized equipment to ensure its safe transport. Some of the essential items you’ll need include:

  • Moving Dolly: A heavy-duty dolly designed for moving large and heavy items.
  • Straps and Tie-Downs: These are crucial for securing the hot tub during transport to prevent shifting.
  • PVC Pipe or Tubing: These can be used to roll the hot tub over short distances, reducing friction.
  • Moving Blankets and Bubble Wrap: These protect the hot tub’s surfaces from scratches and damage.
  • Water Pump: If you’re moving a hot tub with water in it, a water pump will help drain it efficiently. 

    3. Disconnect

    During the relocation, you don’t want any wires or pipes hanging or becoming tangled up in anything. This may raise risk and lead to an unintended injury.

    So, disconnect the spa’s electrical supply, coil the power cord, cover it in a water-resistant bag, and put it inside the side panel’s storage space. Additionally, it is important to detach all electrical and plumbing connections according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    4. Drain The Tub

    If your hot tub is filled with water, it’s crucial to drain it properly before moving. The best tip for moving a hot tub is to employ a wet vac, removing the remaining water from the tub’s exterior and the piping once the body has been entirely drained. You can also use the additional evacuation if it exists in your tub, which could be used to remove fluids from the interior machinery.

    5. Clean The Hot Tub 

    Your hot tub rarely has no one in it, right? Therefore, this is an excellent time to thoroughly clean it. All you need to clean it with is an all-purpose cleanser. Observe the manufacturer’s directions precisely and begin the cleaning process accordingly. This is a fantastic opportunity to correct any dents, scratches, or other small flaws you may have found.

    6. Care For The Covers And Filters

    Any worn-out equipment, including the cover and filters, should be replaced during a transfer. Before packing them up, use this chance to condition the cover and clean the filters; alternatively, if they’re beyond repair, dispose of them and replace them when you reach the new site.

    7. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

    Using the right lifting methods is vital when moving hot tubs to prevent injuries. Due to their weight, improper lifting can be dangerous. It’s best to get assistance from a few strong people to place the hot tub onto a moving dolly. When lifting, remember to use the strength of your legs, not your back, as this reduces strain on your spine. Keep your posture straight and balanced while lifting to avoid muscle or back problems. These precautions ensure that moving your hot tub becomes a safe and injury-free experience.

    8. Place Wood Pieces And Dollies Under Spa Pool

    Before attempting to move your spa onto the dollies, lay plywood pieces under them because furniture dollies function best with level surfaces. You can use movable straps to connect your hot tub to the dollies to prevent it from slipping off. It’s now time to load it into the truck when you’ve completed it.

    9. Load Your Spa Onto The Truck

    Ensure your spa is securely bound to the dollies, then slowly move it towards the loading ramp. To move a spa or hot tub up a ramp, make sure all of your helpers are there for the final push. Additionally, also ensure there is at least one person inside the truck, assuring the safety of the spa. Secure your spa to the truck’s walls once it is there to prevent shifting and movement.

    10. Unload And Set Up In A New Location 

    Open up the truck’s rear once you’ve reached the new spot and pull the ramp out. Make sure there is enough space to run the hot tub without bumping into the garage door, a wall, or any other obstacles. Move the hot tub to the top of the ramp after releasing the tie-down straps and removing the moving blankets.

    As the hot tub is brought down the ramp, support is crucial. One person inside the truck should hold it while another person must assist it from outside. To help with a smooth drop, the third and fourth members should stand on opposite sides of the ramp, ensuring a steady and balanced movement.


    Moving a spa on your own, and loading it into a moving truck, is highly unlikely due to its considerable weight. By following the steps outlined in this guide for moving a hot tub and considering safety as a top priority, you can successfully transport your spa pool to its new location without causing damage to the equipment or risking injury to yourself and others.  

    No matter how well-prepared you are, more assistance will be required because a spa is so hefty. A minimum of three persons are required to move a hot tub, while six are ideal. As an alternative, you might use a reputable hot tub removalist, like Auckland Movers Packers, to do the labor-intensive lifting on your behalf. We have a team of spa movers who have been serving people with their professional hot tub removal service in Auckland, New Zealand, for the last many years. So, get in contact with us today at 09889 6066 or mail us at to ensure a smooth and stress-free spa removal experience for your cherished hot tub.

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