Moving a piano is not a small feat. Whether it’s a cherished family heirloom or a prized possession, pianos are delicate instruments that require special care during a move. In this comprehensive guide by Auckland Movers Packers NZ, we’ll share valuable tips and step-by-step instructions on how to move a piano safely to ensure it reaches its new destination in perfect harmony.

Why Moving A Piano Requires Special Attention?

Pianos are not just heavy; they’re also incredibly delicate and sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The intricate mechanisms and strings inside a piano can be easily damaged if not handled correctly. 

In addition to their weight and delicate nature, pianos also come in various sizes and types, each presenting its own set of challenges when it comes to moving. Grand pianos, for instance, are not only heavier but also bulkier and more complex to transport compared to upright pianos. Furthermore, while transporting a piano safely, navigating through tight spaces, staircases, or narrow hallways can further complicate the process. Therefore, whether you’re moving a grand piano, an upright piano, or any other type, it’s essential to enlist the expertise of professionals who understand the intricacies involved and can ensure a safe and secure relocation for your prized instrument.

14 Tips On How To Move A Piano

Here are some of the best tips for moving a piano safely recommended by our piano movers in Auckland:

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin the process of moving a piano safely, make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand:

  • Heavy-duty furniture straps or harnesses: These will help secure the piano during the move.
  • Moving blankets: Use these to protect the piano and its delicate components.
  • Piano board or dolly: A piano board is specially designed for moving pianos and can make the piano relocation smoother.
  • Furniture sliders: These can help navigate the piano through tight spaces.
  • Piano covers: Use covers to protect the keys and keep dust while transporting a piano.

2. Measure And Plan

To move a piano safely, measure the dimensions of your piano and the doorways, including height, width, and depth. This information will help you plan the route and ensure the piano will fit through doorways and hallways in both your old and new locations. Also, take note of any obstacles or tight spaces you might encounter during the move.

3. Consider A Climate-Controlled Truck

If you want to transport a piano safely over long distances or in extreme weather conditions, consider using a climate-controlled moving truck. This will help maintain a consistent environment for your piano throughout the journey.

4. Insurance and Liability

Consider purchasing additional moving insurance coverage for your piano during the move. While professional movers typically have insurance, it’s a good idea to double-check the coverage and discuss any concerns with them. This will give you peace of mind knowing you’re financially protected in case of an accident can provide peace of mind.

5. Prepare The Piano

This is one of the most important tips for moving a piano safely. So, prepare your piano by following the below steps:

  • Close and lock the piano lid to secure the keys.
  • Remove any removable parts, such as the piano bench, lyre, or music stand, and pack them separately.
  • Secure the piano lid with locking straps or tape to prevent it from accidentally opening during the move.

6. Protect Your Piano

While transporting a piano, wrap the piano in moving blankets or padded covers to shield it from scratches and damage. You must pay special attention to the corners and delicate parts like the legs and pedals. Additionally, use tape or straps to secure the blankets in place.

7. Protect Your Floors

Pianos are heavy, and the weight can put immense pressure on your flooring. Use furniture sliders or protective mats to prevent damage to hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors during the move.

8. Position The Piano For The Move

  • If you’re using a piano board, position it next to the piano.
  • If you’re using a piano dolly, carefully tilt the piano and slide the dolly underneath, securing it in place.
  • Make sure the piano is well-balanced and stable before moving.

9. Move The Piano With Care

  • Safety should be your top priority. Enlist the help of at least three strong individuals to move the piano. You can also choose a reliable piano moving company to transport it safely.
  • Use furniture sliders to ease the piano’s movement across the floor.
  • Keep the piano in an upright position at all times because tilting it too much can damage the internal components.

10. Secure The Piano In The Moving Vehicle

  • Place the piano in the moving vehicle with the keyboard side against the wall to minimize movement.
  • Use furniture straps or harnesses to secure the piano in place, preventing it from shifting during transport.

11. Keep The Piano Upright During Storage

If your piano needs to be stored temporarily, ensure it remains in an upright position. This is the point that needs the most attention in how to move a piano guide. Never lay a piano on its side for an extended period, as it can cause structural damage and affect its tuning.

12. Drive With Caution

If you’re transporting the piano by yourself, drive cautiously to avoid sudden stops or sharp turns, as pianos are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

13. Inspect The Piano After The Move

Once you transport a piano safely to its new location, carefully inspect it for any signs of damage or issues that may have arisen during the move. Promptly address any concerns and, if necessary, consult a professional piano technician for a thorough evaluation.

14. Reassemble And Tune

The change in environment and handling during the move can cause the piano to fall out of tune. So, once you’ve reached your new location and safely moved the piano inside, it’s time to reassemble any removed parts and, most importantly, have the piano tuned. 


Moving a piano safely is a careful dance of preparation, communication, and protection. By following these comprehensive tips for moving a piano, you can ensure that your cherished instrument continues to bring music into your life, wherever it may find its new home. 

If the task of transporting a piano still seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry! Our piano removal team from Auckland Movers Packers works hard to move your piano without any scratches. We offer various plans to suit your piano moving needs. If you need storage, we have secure options with 24/7 surveillance. Unlike many others, we focus on providing reliable solutions for transporting a piano without overwhelming you with flashy offers, making your piano move a great experience.

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