A piano is a beautiful piece of an antique which increases the beauty of the house. But we cannot hide the fact that a piano is an over-sized, uniquely shaped piece of an antique. That needs a large amount of attention as well as skills to move from one place to another. Handling a piano on your own can be an unfavourable affair for you. Pianos are valuable and they are emotionally attached with their owners too, because of the period they share together. There are plenty of factors that make the moving process of a piano hard. For example size, weight and vulnerability. But there comes a part of deciding whether which professional team of piano relocation specialist to move with? The Answer is the team of piano movers in Auckland from Auckland Movers Packers. Because we are well experienced and qualify enough to handle all the things related to your piano moving process with a suitable approach.

There are a lot of business houses that can help you in moving your piano. But, ask yourself a question that do they fit into your budget? That is the part where you plan it wisely considering the quality and cost of the moving service for your piano. Our firm assures you with quality at a suitable price.

When you decide to move with our piano movers Auckland

When you choose us as your professional helpers for this work, the worries immediately go down to a great extent. Our professional workers help you in relocating the piano with full safety and security under a price that is under your budget. We are equipped with the right man for the job, tools for the task that will help the piano to move through risky and stiffed areas. Moreover, we offer your piano an insurance coverage that covers all the damages originate from the unlikely events of the future.

Here are some features of the piano movers in Auckland service that ensures the best piano moving experience to their customers.

“Maneuvering the Piano the right way”- Service from Piano Movers in Auckland

Auckland Movers Packers move your piano in the right manner. Our team is trained in lifting, carrying and transporting the piano without enduring any damage to it. Handed your task over to us will prevent you from any injury during the move and make you relax by seeing that your expensive item is in safe hands.

“Exercise Teamwork”

No damage claimed to date is the best proof that shows the level of dedication and teamwork. Our team knows how to put into moving an item no matter its size. We all know how important it is to have excellent coordination when moving such an over-sized and bulky piece of an antique. Piano removals in Auckland are well aware of this fact.

Even if the piano moving company has all the proper tools and equipment, doesn’t mean that they won’t create even a single dent on the Piano. Due to the lack of teamwork, your piano could get damaged while taking down the stairs or moving to the vehicle through the high rise or uneven pathways. The right way of communicating is the root cause of our success over these years.

Call out the process

Every work irrelevant to its time duration needs proper planning and implementation of the tasks. With the combination of a better plan and implementation, we are able to complete the process on a good note.

  • Calculate the size ( Current place and the new place)

This step helps us to create a road- map.

Rooms, doors, stairs and corners.

  • Gathering the right equipment

Piano Dollies, Straps, and Padding. Just to ensure the safeguard of your piano.

  • Decide the size of the moving truck

Choose the transport system that matches the compatibility of your piano.

  • Review the area

Before the actual move, we must make sure that everything is well calculated to reduce unwanted error.

  • Move the piano

Taking the dollies into the action. The disassembling process is here to serve you.

Load and secure the piano

Blow the horn after loading your piano on the back of the moving convoy safely.


Our team of piano removals does everything possible to relocate your piano without getting any scratch. We have a large variety of plans that will suit your relocation needs considering your piano. Auckland Movers Packers also provides you with a suitable storage option on your demand, where your piano keeps the space under 24 hours surveillance for a particular extent of time.

As far as you go over the internet you will find many removalists companies giving you offers you can’t refuse. But do they reliable enough to match with your expectations. It is a question many users don’t have any answers about. We provide you with a removalists solution without despising you in lengthy and eye-catching offers and make your moving experience better than ever.

Do you required more information? 

If “Yes” Then call us on our number +64 9801 3950,

Or you can write us on our mail id- info@aucklandmoverspackers.co.nz

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