A piano is one of the heaviest pieces of equipment that is hard to relocate. Moving the piano from one place to another requires a good amount of planning as well as hard work. While moving a piano you might hurt yourself and another person and damage the piano too. Hiring Piano Movers In Auckland can be helpful to you.

We provide experienced movers who know how to handle and move a piano from one place to another. Your piano will be secure and shifted with the care of Auckland movers packers experts for a competitive price. Auckland movers packers providing the best quality packing to the Piano.
Our experts know all the short roots so there is no chance for a delay in the moving process.

Local Piano Movers

No matter how short the moving distance, we can help you move from one location to another. Our team understands that it can be very difficult to carry heavy goods no matter how short or large the distance. Our teams are familiar with each state and territory in New Zealand and are capable of movers.

Interstate Piano Movers

If you are planning to move to any  New Zealand destination, we can help you move your upright piano, grand piano, or electric piano with safety. We have professional piano movers in Auckland from Auckland Movers Packers who we trust to undertake our services for our customers. They are familiar with each location and understand the different rules and regulations.

Relocating a Piano Mover in Auckland? We Can Help!

Pianos are large, heavy, valuable, and expensive instruments they are tricky to move. Moving a piano is not an easy task as the piano is a fragile instrument. They can be easily damaged, if not moved properly and carefully  Whether you are planning for a long-distance move or a short one.

If you are planning to move your, grand piano, upright piano, or electric piano, we can help you with that hectic process. We understand that pianos are precious and delicate items and need to be transported in accordance with strict rules and requirements. We ensure that we bring the right tools and equipment. Once the piano has reached its new destination. We will wait to hear if you are satisfied with our services or not.

Steps to Pack a Piano When You are Moving

Moving Piano is not easy work. A piano is very heavy and difficult to move. Packing is really important as it protects complex parts of the instrument It should be disintegrated professionally to ensure safe transport to your new home and then wrapped, padded, and fully sealed. Our experienced packing and moving teams take extra measures to ensure that your piano is treated with the utmost care.

First Step to Moving a Piano

One of the first things we take out is to wrap and pack the piano lid separately. The lid is placed on a thick, padded blanket and set aside when we focus on wrapping and sealing the piano cover.

Protect the Keyboard

The first step in moving a piano is to close and lock the keyboard lid. This will prevent it from opening during the move. The keys are delicate and need to be protected. If the keyboard lid does not lock, make sure that the lid is closed when you wrap the piano. Do not use tape to keep the lid closed as this will damage the wood surface.

Wrapping the Piano Cover

With a blanket or padding, wrap the piano. Make sure that the blankets are secured with packing tape and the corners are protected. Keep the tape in contact with the piano surface. Make sure the blanket or padding is so thick that it can protect the piano from any bumps.

Lifting the Piano

When lifting the piano from one position to another, Whether it is on truck, on a furniture dolly, or any other place inside the house, you must remember not to lift it by its legs. The legs are extremely weak. Also, keep the piano in an upright position. Laying it on its side is not good for the inner mechanics.

Secure the Piano in a Moving Truck

To secure the piano in the truck or van, use heavy-duty furniture straps that can easily hold the weight of the instrument during transit. Remember to place the equipment on the back of the truck next to the wall. This preventive measure reduced the risk of damage while transporting.

What are the Various Equipment Used to Transport Piano Movers in Auckland?

Blankets and Plastic Covers

If you want to keep all moving parts of the piano safe then plastic bags are the best option to store all the parts. It also protects the piano from becoming scuffed and protects from any costly damage. Blankets are also used for wrapping the piano during the move.

Piano dolly straps

Straps are so essential for moving the piano from one place to another. If you want to hold the piano safely and prevent the chances of slip from hands then straps are the best way. It is made up of durable and strong materials so it is the best choice for moving the piano from one place to another.

Piano slippers

Piano slippers play an essential role in moving a piano from one place to another. If you want to move a grand piano then you should wear piano slippers It is a flat slipper and also helps you to maintain proper balance and prevents fall on the floor when moving the piano.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Piano Movers in Auckland

There are many benefits to hiring Piano Movers in Auckland. Some of them are as follows:

  • Efficient  Packaging
  • Special Care
  • Moving Equipment
  • Safety of Pianos
  • Avoiding Injuries
  • Effective Transportation
  • Charge for the Service
  • Types of technique and equipment they use
  • Experience of the removalists
  • Insurance covers
  • Types of vehicles they use

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