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Moving to a new house consumes a noticeable amount of energy both mental and physical. It is a painstaking and daunting process. Whether you are shifting to an apartment or a townhouse, there is a lot involved in the process. Every step requires proficient knowledge and rigorous efforts.

But not now! "Auckland Movers Packers" House movers Auckland team has all that you were looking for. To date, we continue to be the leading Packers and movers company in the market. We have won the trust of thousands of New Zealand residents. Be it individual moves, 2-3 bedroom moves, or bigger moves, we relocate at your higher ease.

Our Home Movers Auckland is familiar with different architectures. We are proficient in moving with high rises, narrow paths, small corridors, elevators, designer stairways, etc.

Unlike other house moving companies in Auckland who lack the required knowledge, experience, and planning, jumps into the field, and delivers a poor removals service, "Auckland Movers Packers" Household Removals Auckland Team is well trained, experienced, and proficient. Our house packers Auckland always have a plan in our minds. This planning helps in a successful, secure, and smooth House Removal each time we get our hands on a project.

Our House Moving Company in Auckland provides a range of services that combined make us the leading and most commonly used and recommended House Movers. We assure safety, security, and smooth removal.

Our household removals Auckland services value the money you are paying and assure you that we won't burn a hole in your pocket. We take pride to say that the faith and reliability of our customers have made us win in the market and because of that we have successfully relocated 1500 plus houses.

Single Item Movers and Packers in Auckland

  • Bed Removals
  • Dining Table Removals
  • Bathtub Removals
  • Wardrobe Removals
  • Refrigerator Removals
  • Electronic Appliances Removals like TV, AC, etc.
  • Pet Relocation
  • Vehicle Relocation

Cheap & Best House Movers in South/ West and all over Auckland

How our moving plan works?

Planning plays an important role in making any move successful. A plan helps in keeping track of the tasks to be performed and have done. "Auckland Movers Packers" House Removalists in Auckland gives a custom plan to our customers, but here are a few standard tips that can help you make your move extremely easy and relaxed. Our Moving plan starts 2 weeks earlier the moving day.

2 weeks earlier the Moving Day

This section is all about notifying the important people who deserve to get to know about your house relocation. This section is purposely built so that you don't forget the most ignored step which creates hassle after your relocation to a different city.

People waiting for your notification

  • Tax Agencies: You can easily handle this online.
  • Gas Agency and Electricity department
  • Phone, internet and TV/ cable subscriptions
  • Landlords, if you are living in rental accommodation, do ask for your security.
  • Your Bank and Credit card Company: can be done online
  • Insurance and loan providers
  • Your Boss/ Employer
  • Post office and Social Security Administration
  • If you have Kids than don't forget to notify the School Authorities
  • Family doctor and dentist: do ask for extra copies of your health reports

1 week earlier the Moving Day

Now that the week has come, we will ensure everything works in our favor on the final day will be as relaxed and stress-free as possible, after all this is why we are doing it!

Let's jump to the checklist!

  • Cancel your backorders or make sure they get delivered to your new address.
  • Use the food in your refrigerator. Donate unopened food.
  • Avail our pre-moving cleaning service Auckland team to clean your home for new residents.
  • Drain your washing machine; defrost the fridge one day before.
  • Empty the oil and gas from heaters and grills.
  • Sort your important documents and file them, these must include your CV/Resumes, pay slips, bank receipts, Marriage certificates, Birth certificates, Visa, License, ID proof, etc.
  • Pack a bag or a box that contains all the essentials that you are going to need while your journey.
  • Call us to get a pre-survey done by our House Moving professionals to fill the remaining loopholes to your smooth and secure moving journey.

1 day remaining, what to do?

  • So now that your refrigerator is empty, unplug it and set on defrost.
  • Empty the bathtub and dry it.
  • Disconnect your Kitchen electronic appliances
  • Secure your important documents.

Our Professional House Movers Auckland Services

You are hiring a professional yet cheap house movers auckland team when you opt for "Auckland Movers Packers" House Movers Auckland. Our flexible moving company will give you a tailored range of services especially built considering your needs, preferences, affordability, and dynamism.

  • We provide Manifold Removal Services
  • We provide Trade me deliveries.
  • We provide Retail Deliveries and stock moving both locally and intercity.
  • We provide pet relocation
  • Experienced and Skilled professional
  • Single item packers and Movers services
  • Professional Packer
  • We provide 2 Men with a van and 3 Men with a van or truck.

Why Should You Book Your House Move with our Cheap house movers Auckland?

Experienced and Professional

"Auckland Movers Packers" House Removals Service has an experience of 5 years now. In these successful 5 years, we have moved more than 1500 houses. Talking about professionalism, we take pride in saying that we have attained the needed proficiency in moving a house. Our house packers Auckland team are aware of different architectures like elevators, Designer stairways, close settings, narrow pathways, high rises, etc. Our moving company in Auckland is familiar with all the areas and routes already. This will help you save time and will make the moving process hassle-free.

Good Reviews

"Auckland Movers Packers" home movers Auckland team is well known among the people. We are a widely used and recommended house moving company. Our most used services are House Removals, single item packers and movers, and man and van in Auckland. Our Moving Team provides a free quote and a tailored service package suiting to the different demands of our customers. Our value-added services play an important role in making us your choice. We provide pre and post house cleaning services Auckland team , Customized packaging service, and instant home movers in Auckland. Our response rate is way prompt than other removalists in Auckland. Go through our testimonials to witness our success.

Successful Track Record

We are one of the most recommended house moving companies in Auckland. "Auckland Movers Packers" House Movers Auckland team are affordable, skilled, sourced, and last but not the least experienced. Along with providing a series of services like Storage facilities, professional packers, right tools, and machines, we also provide subjective qualities. These attributes are mostly overlooked and not prioritized enough while one is looking for house removal, but play a very crucial role in defining how fun and relaxed your moving journey is going to be. These are nevertheless, coordination among you and your mover, quick follow up to the commands, humbleness and politeness, punctuality, and last but not the least dedication. All this is as equally important as having high tech moving machinery or having big storage houses.

Storage and Insurance

"Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture storage houses are equipped with all the security arrangements like Fire alarms, temperature control, and CCTVs real-time surveillance. Our Furniture storage in Auckland is considered as one of the best Furniture storage facilities in Auckland. We also provide furniture storage insurance that you can claim if you find any loss or damage to your belongings in our storage house. This is an indemnity insurance cover. This will help you get the true value of your damaged or missing items due to theft, fire, and natural hazards like earthquakes or floods.

Affordability and Transparency

"Auckland Movers Packers": House Movers Auckland team offers its quality services at very affordable rates. We follow flexible pricing and not a fixed one. Our rates purely depend upon the costing of the move. Our home movers Auckland team do a cost-benefit analysis before actually finalizing the quote. All this is performed during the pre-move survey. We have no hidden charges and a 100 percent transparency policy for the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

"Household Removals Auckland" Our Cheap House Packaging and Cleaning Services in Auckland

"Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture packers are professionals in packing any type of furniture, be it your delicate or your oversized furniture. Our single item movers and packers services are well known and used. This is generally hired to pack and move your wardrobe, pool table, piano, Bed, Bathtub/Spa tub, vehicle. For furniture packaging, we use quality packing material.

Here is a list of packing materials we use with their purpose:

  • Bubble Wrap: Always the right option for breakables like ceramics, figurines, photo frames, dishes, etc. Bubble wrap helps protect the delicate items from cracking and breaking while in transit.
  • Packing paper: It is also used to cover delicate items like dishes, showpieces, teapots, etc. This gives a layer or works as a pad less than boxes. After covering we seal it with pieces of tapes and secure the items.
  • Moving Blankets: These are used to cover wooden furniture to prevent them from getting scratched as wood is porous in nature and easily damaged if being dragged or hit any corner while moving.
  • Paper Paddings: Helps in protecting hard-surfaced wooden furniture like desk, stools, dresser, table, etc. Our cheap house movers Auckland can also use it to cover the disassembled furniture parts.
  • Plastic sheet Roll: To cover sofas, couches, Utensils, drawers, etc.
  • Boxes: Helps with books, shoes, toys, clothes, pillow, canned goods, etc. We provide all sizes of boxes, long, horizontal, square, small, large, etc.

Cleaning Services

"Auckland Movers Packers" Provide both Pre- moving and Post-moving Services to our customers. These cover the Kitchen, Living room and bedroom and Bathroom Cleaning.

Standard Cleaning Services

  • Wiping the cabinet fronts mirrors, appliances fronts, tub, tiles, light switches, and floor.
  • Dusting window sills, corners, stove drip pans, etc.
  • Vacuuming the floor area rugs, carpets, table mat.
  • Cleaning Cupboard knobs, doorknobs, silver stains.
  • Scrub the sink, bathtub, bathroom, and kitchen tiles.
  • Emptying the garbage.

"House Movers Auckland" House Moving and Storage Company

"Auckland Movers Packers" understand the importance of a storage house while moving your belongings, the reasons are many! When you are absolutely new to the city and searching for a new house is creating a delay, initially taking a small apartment in a hurry, where all the belongings can't fit in, etc. "Auckland Movers Packers" House Movers Auckland Team assures you of the safest storage facilities near you. We have our numerous storage houses at all the vital hubs of the cities in Auckland.

Facilities we provide:

  • 24*7 DVRs that provide real-time monitoring.
  • Computerized recorded entry and exit.
  • Attentive security guards and inventory managers
  • Door card locks and fire alarms
  • Burglar Alarms to protect from any theft.
  • Temperature controller for fragile.

Our Reliable Home Movers Auckland Team Offers Secured Insurance Policy for Every Move

"Auckland Movers Packers" Insurance policy provides accidental damage which covers

  • Loss or damage to the property
  • Missing property or missing pair of a set of property
  • Changes in the condition of the property
  • Breakage or cracks

"Auckland Movers Packers" House Movers insures you in 2 levels.

Transit Insurance: It includes any loss or damage if occurs during the transit to your residence or our storage house.

Storage Insurance: It includes any loss or damage that occurs because of fire, theft, earthquake, or flood in our storage house.

If you have any query regarding our Insurance policy, feel free to ask us at our household removals Auckland team +64 9801 3950

Frequently Asked Questions on House Movers Auckland

You can store it for as long as you want. We offer storage on a month to month rental basis. Once your storage reaches 90 days, it gets shifted to our permanent storage. You can pay for the storage with your debit or credit card. If not, then you can opt for a visa or direct bank transfer.

Yes. "Auckland Movers Packers" uses heavy-duty packing cardboard boxes and excellent quality packaging supplies for your belongings. We are professional packers and movers. But if you have a certain packing material that you are thinking of using, we will advise not to pre-pack any of your items and let us check the material first. If it stands on our expectations and quality then we will utilize that.

Yes. We dismantle the oversized items so that the move could become as easy and smooth as possible. But don’t worry about that, after reaching the destination we will unpack and reassemble all the items that we have disassembled before moving.
It depends. If you are moving locally then we will charge our basic rates. But if you are moving intercity, then we have to make a custom quote for you. Please call us and ask your query related to quotes and booking via our contact page.
Our house movers south Auckland will effortlessly move you to your destinaton. To make your move really smooth, notice prior 10-12 days from moving day is required. However, we also do instant removals for which you have to contact us. We would love to help our customers.


Auckland Movers Testimonial

It was an amazing experience with the Auckland Movers Packers. We have moved a lot in Auckland and each time books their removalists services. Starting with their pre-move service, they surveyed our home furniture and listed down our needs. They loaded our property with the utmost care as if it would theirs. I am satisfied with the choice of vehicles they used to locate my stuff. Our belongings were safely moved. They did a post-move cleaning of our new house as well and arranged our furniture as per our command. I am 100% satisfied with the Auckland Movers Packers, they are one of the best moving companies Auckland, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Mason Walsh

Moving Companies Auckland Testimonial

We have recently moved to Howick. And if to put the work of Auckland Movers Packers Furniture Movers into a word, I would choose “Perfect”. I was worried at first, how will I manage everything? But as soon as we contacted the Auckland Movers Packers, our stress flew! There moving company in Auckland provided us with prompt checklists to get prepared for the move, which helped me and my family a lot. The Moving staff was well skilled and professional. Their tools and techniques were polished and practiced. My belongings reached with utmost care and safety. I will highly recommend Auckland Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Amelia

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Auckland Movers Packers are the best Auckland Movers near me. They helped me move through the intercity. They have a highly professional removals team that gives on the spot solutions and leaves no stone unturned in giving the maximum moving satisfaction. They were extremely humble, polite, and coordinating. I am fully satisfied with their service.

- Andrew Finn

Cheap Movers Auckland

Auckland Movers Packers Furniture movers exceeded my expectations. My family members recommended that I hire them. They personally came to survey my house, they took photographs, listed the suitable packaging and trolleys needed to locate my piano, and finalized the quotation. On the day of moving, they were punctual and polite. The loading machines were apt. My belongings were moved with the highest care and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. They are literally the best Packers and movers in Auckland near me.

- Natalia Connelly

Auckland Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Auckland Movers Packers Removalists. They provided me with a very high-quality moving service yet at a very cheap rate. They are the best budget movers in Auckland near me. I relocated my office from Botany Downs to cockle bay. Though it is quite stressful when you relocate your office from such a long distance, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Auckland Movers Packers were quick, professional, and faultless. My office essentials were moved with care and protection. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Lachlan

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