When moving is concerned, it is termed as one hectic process since it involves packing, hiring a good removal company, and other such settlements that must be considered. You cannot avoid mandatory steps but can try to make them accessible. 

There are easy hacks that will ensure an easy move despite all the issues. Typically, our overthinking makes it extra complex, so the task is not to add pressure but to make it easy.

Auckland Movers Packers will share easy packing and moving hacks to give you an idea for comfortable moving. It’s essential to look for such ways and implement them. Professional removalists in  Auckland provide a vast range of services at a reasonable cost. By concentrating on little things, the focus must be made on finding solutions. Therefore do use these hacks for accessible, affordable, and comfortable moves.  

20 Easy Packing And Moving Hacks

Here are some packing and moving hacks that help you start on the right foot.

1) Compare and hire the best movers 

One of the easiest hacks for ensuring an easy and the best move is to get the best mover company. Reputed removal companies provide a wide range of services like packing, unpacking, storage, insurance, etc. Start comparing different moving companies’ services, quotes, discounts, offers, and reviews to select the best one. Do not rush to make mistakes; compare the companies early, and finally, you’ll find the best one. 

2) Avoid booking on weekends 

Try to book your moving day on weekdays and not weekends. Due to extra demand on weekends, removal companies tend to increase their quote. Therefore, schedule your move on weekdays as quotes are OK due to less demand on weekdays. It’s essential to be aware of such facts when moving so that you can ensure an affordable as well as accessible move. 

3) Smart packing 

When movers handle your packing, you don’t have to stress that skilled professionals manage everything with utmost care. But what to do when you are packing yourself? Try to pack items separately in separate sections, like packing your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom items in different boxes and labeling the boxes. Especially if it’s liquid, be very careful while loading it. Cover the bottles properly and tightly; similarly, when packing cardboard boxes, use tape carefully so that items kept inside stay safe. 

4) Use empty containers

Instead of spending time and energy buying a large number of boxes, use what you already have, which means use your empty containers to keep things, use socks to carry items like earrings, rings, and pendants safely, and then tie their top tightly so that you don’t misplace. It’s not like you cannot use cardboard boxes; you must trust them and use what you already have. 

5) Declutter your house 

For easy moves, first, declutter your space if you are packing yourself, then start decluttering the items. You need to sort out things like keeping your makeup, earrings, rings, necklaces, etc., in one place and then your kitchen commodities in one. That’s the point of avoiding cluttering your items. When stuff is sorted, things become easy, and you’ll be able to focus on something else. 

6) Donate the items 

There must be things that might not be in bad condition but not of use; you won’t want to throw them at them. Better donate Old books, unworn clothes, etc. Items should be given to someone who will value it. Please get in touch with the local charity and donate it; it’s far better than throwing. When you throw away items, it’s of no use, but once you grant, somebody will use them. Remember to present only those items which are in good condition. 

7) Arrange boxes properly 

Once your packing is done, arranging the boxes on a vehicle plays an important role when it’s about ensuring a safe move. Do consider putting large and heavy boxes on the bottom and then accordingly put the smaller size of the box on top. When containers and items are arranged and appropriately kept on vehicles, you ensure a safe move for your belongings. 

8) Use storage unit

There might be items that you’ll not need currently, and since you have to pack limited items, therefore it’s safe to put your things safely in temporary storage. It’s a safe space to store your items, and from there, you can access your items anytime you’ll need. In addition, limiting your luggage is a valuable option as only some things are garbage or for donation; there are items you might not need currently but eventually, you will want around you. So, using a storage unit will be beneficial.

9) Careful packing for fragile items

Differential treatment must be done to the different natures of items as not all the things are the same, some are stronger than others, and some are fragile, like glass-made stuff, pottery, etc. Therefore pack fragile items carefully and mark the box as a “fragile item” so that extra care can be given to them.  

10) Plan your budget 

Be sure of your budget from the beginning for an easy move. Else you might face trouble and stress, so make sure to make brief estimates of what you can afford; that’s how you must plan your budget. Based on your budget moving companies to packing materials will be decided, so for an easy move, plan out your budget early and accordingly do your expenditure. 

11) Appropriate boxes and suitcases 

When moving, use the correct size of cardboard boxes and suitcases; it will vary depending upon the size of your belongings. Different sizes of bags and sizes of boxes will ensure the safety of your belongings. 

12) Use packing supplies 

Using your packing supplies will surely make your move easy as it will help you pack the items, so you’ll eventually have a next-to-perfect move. Packing supplies usually consist of all the essential packing materials like plastic wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tin cans, etc. 

13) Precise packing 

When moving, do ensure to go precise. When you get rid of unused items, go for a garage sale, donate the items and use a storage company’s facilities to provide a safe space for your belongings, you ensure careful packing. For an easy and affordable move, it’s essential to pack precisely and not everything. Therefore, when moving, go precise because that’s what is wise! 

14) Use clever shortcuts 

When packing your wardrobe, you don’t need to fold every piece of clothing, roll them down, let them be on hangers, or just put them into large, safe, particular garbage bags. Keep the items in garbage bags; it’ll be quick and easy to handle for a moving process. Pack plastic bags nicely so that the items inside remain safe and not get harmed. 

Also, carry extra garbage bags to dispose of the waste so that even if anything gets messed up, you can put it in the garbage bins or sale. 

15) Enjoy the process 

No doubt moving is stressful, but if you try to make it enjoyable, the tables can turn! Anything becomes easy if enjoyed and not taken as an onerous responsibility. Trying to make this moving process a pleasant thing might sound weird and unreal but try once, and you’ll see the greener side. For example – play music and then do your pack item or have your friends in your house and, along with talking and sharing, continue packing. Whatever suits you, go for it. When you find the way, you certainly get the way. 

16) Stay ahead of time 

Start early! When you start early, you’ll have enough time to correct your mistakes, and in the end, you’ll get everything on track, but when you start late will indeed miss out on many things. Therefore, ensure to stay ahead of time and finish packing early. It’s one of the most vital points of providing an accessible and responsible move. 

Therefore, try to start ahead of time. 

17) Recheck everything 

Revise your packing, and recheck if you have left anything or any work. Doing so will ensure a responsible move, and you will remember everything. The chances of forgetting things, especially when packing, are relatively higher than when you have packers around. Still, you need to rethink and revise if you’ll ignore anything. Therefore it’s mandatory to recheck everything. 

18) Ask out for help 

Do ask out for help from your friends and family when you are managing your packing. Or if you cannot handle it, hire Auckland Movers Packers, who are up for the best removal services. Very quickly, you’ll find companies that provide several types of services. It’s essential to estimate if you can manage things by yourself or not. So, for an easy and comfortable move, do consider helping! 

19) Systematic planning 

For easy packing and moving, it’s essential to have the systematic planning, like starting according to the rooms, sorting out things properly, and using the suitable packing material. The point is planning out the items required, budgeting, and deadline-like topics to have systematic planning beforehand.  

20) Do not pack everything 

Do not pack everything for an easy move; the rule is that you must end your packing the day before. Well then, if you’ll lack everything, then how will you stay? So keep your essentials out, like a power bank, a few clothes, towels, bathroom kit, which includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper, napkins, snacks, etc. Essentials will ensure you an uncomplicated move. 


Moving is a time taking and arduous process, but it will become easy if we try some tips and hacks. When you get ahead of time, pack smartly, take care of little details, try to enjoy the process, do systematic planning, set a proper budget, ask out for help, recheck everything and consider an experienced removal company. 

If you have no time for moving and packing, Auckland Movers Packers provide all the essential treatment to the clients. Our services, regulated under professional removalists in  Auckland, aim at providing our clients with an easy journey. We take care of you and your belongings. 

For more details you can contact us by simply call us on- +64 9801 3950,

or  you can mail us on- info@aucklandmoverspackers.co.nz

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