To prevent further spread of the COVID-19, various countries are enforcing a lockdown on several non-essential services. As of right now, freight, logistics, and home delivery are considered a crucial service. Due to which Cheap Movers in Auckland have been permitted. However, there are some mandatory guidelines set up by the government. Which must be followed by everyone to ensure their safety.

Auckland Movers Packers follows and encompass each and every guideline or terms defined by necessary regulatory bodies for removalists in Australia.

What Can You Do?


Maintain social distancing

It is very important to follow social distancing norms seriously and avoid going to crowded places. Even during your move, maintain a considerable distance of at least 6 feet from the Auckland Movers. This will ensure that you do not come into direct contact with anyone. 

Wash your hands often

According to the WHO, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is an important step. Clean your hands frequently and also clean things people touch often, like door handles. 

Sanitize your belongings

You must take responsibility to sanitize your belongings once you reach your destination. Avoid hiring any external cleaners.

Wear a mask

Do not remove your mask when you are near your furniture movers in Auckland. Ensure that your movers wear masks at all times.

Cancel the move if you are feeling unwell

In case you feel unwell, do not hesitate before canceling the move. The safety and health of your family and the Auckland movers must be your top priority.

Pack and unpack on your own

Avoid hiring an external company to unpack or pack your goods as they might get contaminated. Avoid asking for help from family and friends.

What are the moving companies in Auckland already doing?


Disinfecting their automobiles at the beginning and end of work every day

House Movers in Auckland clean all their vehicles daily with sanitizers and disinfectants to avoid any kind of contamination.

Working with the minimum staff

Only the minimum possible Auckland movers are assisting customers with their moves. This has allowed Moving Companies in Auckland to follow the social distancing norms set up by the government.

Screening all the movers regularly

All our Auckland movers are being screened for fever daily. We are keeping a close check on all of them and their health. All our movers also wear protective gear throughout the moving process. They disinfect all your goods once they reach the destination. 

Conducting surveys and providing quotes online

We provide virtual surveys and quotes. This ensures social distancing and avoids unnecessary gathering of too many people in one place. 

How to get ready for your move?

Our Cheap Auckland Movers usually discuss how important it is to have a plan for our relocation, and that holds to be even more important during the current coronavirus situation. You have to stay one step ahead to make certain that you have the ideal supplies (considering that you can not be running to and fro to the store). To ensure that you leave yourself enough time to load as well as prepare for the arrival of your movers. To plan for a move during the COVID-19 situation, make sure to adhere to these steps:

Call your removal companies in Auckland

This is very important to verify your appointment as well as go over the best practices for moving day. Ask the removals companies in Auckland about the time when they will be coming to your house so that you can prepare everything accordingly. Ensure that there are no miscommunications regarding the pick-up or drop off location. 

Get all your supplies in one go

You’re most likely to get it right with simply one trip to the store. So make sure you understand exactly what you’re going to need for your relocation. When you are unsure about what to get and what not, buy some spare.

Clean while packing 

Cleaning all your belongings is extremely important. In order to save your time, clean everything while packing. Ensure that all the items are wiped with some sanitizer or disinfectant to reduce the risk of contamination. 

Complete your packing before the arrival of the Auckland movers

Coronavirus remains on surfaces for up to 72 hours. And in order to ensure your safety and the safety of your budget movers Auckland, pack up everything, and leave it untouched for three days before your movers’ arrival.

We are still operating. So feel free to contact us and we will help you move smoothly as well as safely.

Contact Auckland Movers Packers for free moving quotes and move your belongings today! 

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