There is no way around it: A move involves time, worry, and money, whether it’s simply across town or the nation. And there’s a lot to figure out before you make your move. Choosing which realtor to use, which type of house to purchase, and which furniture to relocate are difficult decisions. You’ll also need to decide whether it’s best to hire Auckland movers or do the move yourself. Thankfully, we’re here to assist you with this.

Whether you hire Auckland movers or move on your own is mainly determined by your budget, proximity to the new home, move complexity, and personality. Many people are physically incapable of carrying a couch and mattress down a flight of steps.

Not to mention that you might not have any pals who are handy or capable of doing the hard lifting. As a result, many of us are left with only one option: hiring movers. There are, however, many people who have accomplished several DIY moves – and saved a significant amount of money in the process.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the expenses and aspects to consider when deciding whether to move or hire professional movers.


While time isn’t exactly a cost, it is still vital and precious because moving yourself requires a significant amount of your time. You’ll still have to pack all of your stuff into boxes, load them onto a rental truck, and unload them at your new place or home.

It will most likely take several journeys if you’re doing this alone or with companions who aren’t professionally educated. Rather than just one, numerous trips can result in multiple days of moving, which means more time spent on petrol, renting a truck, and the various costs of keeping you and your buddies happy, watered, and nourished.

Transporting Equipment

What equipment will you use if you plan to move? Trying to load it into a pickup truck is not a good idea. You’ll need a moving truck for an entire home move, which means getting one from a rental firm. The rental price also covers the truck’s gas, which is not inexpensive.

You’ll also need moving straps, dollies, ropes, stretch wrap, furniture padding, packing supplies, and moving boxes to keep your stuff safe.

The Possibility of Harm and Injury

Moving isn’t as simple as it appears, and there’s a reason moving companies are regarded as “pros.” If you aren’t adequately trained in moving skills, attempting to move large goods on yours puts you in danger of damage.

This can add to the relocation stress, making it a horrible experience for everyone involved.

Obtaining “Assistance”

When it comes to relocating, the adage “find a friend with a truck” has been around for a long time, but in all seriousness, you’ll need assistance if you plan on doing it yourself.

Recruiting friends is difficult, but you must repay them for their time – whether by paying them directly or offering them food in exchange for their efforts. In any case, you will incur additional costs.

Inspect the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before making your decision.

It Would Be Best If You Moved Yourself Pros

  • You have complete control over your move — The most significant advantage of a DIY shifting or relocation is complete control over the entire process. You get to pick up the truck and all of your moving goods, but you also get to handle all of the moving boxes yourself, ensuring that nothing breaks throughout the move.

  • You’ll save money – If you’re on a tight budget, a do-it-yourself move is usually the way. Even if you’re only moving next door, the costs of hiring Auckland movers can quickly mount up and far surpass your expectations. However, renting a moving truck or hiring men with a van service might save you hundreds of dollars.


  • It takes a lot of planning — organizing a complete move requires a lot of forethought. You will have to figure out how to get your valuable belongings from points A to B. You’ll also be required to figure out how to correctly load the hired moving truck, including which items go in first and last and how to organize them inside the truck.

  • Unexpected trouble develops – You may be out of luck if something unexpected occurs while moving, such as your couch becoming caught in the door. You could spend hours trying to remedy the awkward situation instead of leaning back on that couch inside your new house if you don’t hire an experienced team of movers and use specific moving tools.

Using Professional Movers Pros

  • Leave the heavy lifting to the specialists, and you won’t have to lift a finger. After all, these professional movers were recruited for a specific purpose.

  • The move will be quick and easy — the moving company should show up on time with all of the necessary materials and equipment, sparing you the hassle of gathering dollies and furniture cushions at the last minute. In the long run, employing a reliable relocation company saves the customer a significant amount of time when moving.

  • Overall, less stress – In general, hiring movers relieves you of a lot of the stress of moving days. In addition to the time-saving benefits of hiring an expert furniture moving company, you will avoid the hassle of driving a large moving truck down the highway.


  • Less freedom – Hiring Auckland movers restricts your control over the relocation. For people who prefer to be in complete control, hiring a moving company may not be the ideal option. In the worst-case scenario, if the moving company makes many stops along the route while moving, you may have to wait for weeks for your moving truck to arrive.

  • It’s not cheap – An hourly rate, a flat price, or both may be included in the estimate. Each worker is usually charged separately by local movers. A vehicle and a furniture dolly may or may not be included. Even if you’re only relocating down the street, hiring a moving company will cost you money.

  • It can be impersonal – You probably don’t know your movers personally. It might be nerve-wracking to hand up your valuable possessions to strangers. That’s why it’s crucial to do your research, read reviews, and compare ratings of different moving companies before hiring to assist you with your move.


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