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"Auckland Movers Packers" intercity movers are the highly trained and experienced intercity furniture removals company. We offer the fleet holding professional packaging, careful carrying, and storage facilities to ensure a secure and relaxed move. Our Intertate Moving Company Auckland team has been working for 5 years in the removals industry and is sorted, organized, and proficient in its work.

From Western bays to Eastern bays, or in any suburb of Auckland, our Island Moving Company Auckland provides a prompt, organized, and trouble-free move. We work with a plan which commences at least 2 weeks before your moving day. This plan helps us and our customers get prepared for the move leaving no stone unturned for restraints free and smooth move.

Our intercity movers Auckland understand how painstaking the process of shifting to a new place is, be it mentally or physically, the difficulties lie throughout the journey and so deciding on which Movers to entrust is no cakewalk. interstate movers becomes a necessity but what happens when the idea does not turn out to be fruitless? What if in the end, you remain dissatisfied? Of course, there are many factors that determine the quality of the move and set apart one Removalists service provider from another. These are Experience, Resources, Quality, and Dedication.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Removalists occupy an experience of more than 5 years and have done more than 1500 residential and commercial removals in Auckland. Our Single item movers and packers service has its own level of demand in the market. Talking about the Resources, "Auckland Movers Packers" is equipped with the latest tools and moving machines.

Our intercity movers Auckland team is well-organized, proficient, and dedicated. We also provide a pre-move and post-move service as well. Pre-move removal service involves a survey or inspection of the house to be moved intercity and post-move removal service includes, unpacking, reassembling, and cleaning services. Our quality interstate moving service has made us win the trust of our customers and it is growing day by day.

The Experts in Intercity/interstate Moving

Being the most commonly hired intercity movers in Auckland. Our Movers are aware of all the locations of the city. Understanding the routes and neighborhood is always a plus point. This ensures a stress-free, smooth relocation. This helps in on-time completion, cost-effective removal, and coordination. This assures a damage-free removal.

Other services we offer:

How Our Intercity Movers Works?

Every Intercity Move is different from others. Some need to be done on an instant call others demand more time for planning and executing. In both cases, the "Auckland Movers Packers" is one of the most reliable and entrusted interstate moving companies. We assure our customers a stress-free, bother-free, and smooth move with 100% perfection and dedication.

Our Intercity Moving Plan: Usually our Moving Plan starts 1 week before the actual move. Our interstate movers team in Auckland make sure about all the details of the move and try to eliminate all loopholes which will likely restrain you from moving easily. Having a plan is always a better option as it throws away the burden, brings peace, and accelerates focus and energy. A well-organized plan pumps a feeling of relief for both the parties and so "Auckland Movers Packers" come up with a detailed checklist for our customers which helps in the preparation like a miracle.

Checklist: Our interstate movers Auckland team prepare a checklist that sets the seal on all the tasks that need to be done before moving if you are moving intercity to reside. This checklist ensures that each person or authority who needs to get notified about your move gets the notification at the earliest, pending payments are cleared, all paperwork is done, sorting the documents to dispose of the unwanted items, all such small yet vital tasks are ensured.

Instant Intercity Removals: A lot of the cases there exist where the customer demands an instant removal service. If you too are worried about moving intercity but have a limited time, you are in the right place. "Auckland Movers Packers" are Intercity Movers in Auckland. We are always ready to move! Our instant Moving Plan works on a real-time basis. Whether it's 1 week before, 2 days, or even 1 day before, we are just one call away. We are equipped with all sizes of moving trucks, small and medium vans, large trucks, and medium trucks, we take rapid action on your demand. Our occupied removal team is fast, proficient, and fully resourced. Even in the case of instant intercity or interstate removals we always have a plan to make it work, as smooth as our pre-planned moves are.

Our Intercity Movers are Professional & Experienced

Expertise in Intercity Removals

"Auckland Movers Packers" is one of the most reputed interstate moving companies in Auckland. We have served for 5 years in the Removalists Industry and relocated more than 1500 houses and offices. Our Removals Company is widely used and recommended in Auckland. Our team has a long time experience in making our customers feel at ease and secure. They move your possessions like theirs and take special attention to all the details which make us worth choosing. Straight up, they will never burn a hole in your pockets for sure.

High-Class Equipment

No matter where you are moving from or to, "Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Removals Service is accessible to every corner of Auckland. Our interstate movers Auckland use top-class moving equipment which is commonly used in dismantling and carrying the furniture or fragile to the loading van or truck. To name a few, Flat dollies, upright trolleys, Arm folks, Pads, Piano trolley, tailgate lifters, etc. are the most commonly used ones.

Pre-Move Inspection

Before straight up the packaging and moving your possessions it’s very important to have a reality check. Our interstate movers Auckland team would never want any constraint or delay while moving, so to make every planned workout for real, we have to do a pre-move survey that will cement all the loopholes. "Auckland Movers Packers", Intercity Movers take every step intellectually and make it happen. In a Pre-Move inspection we document all the measures of doors and corridors, also we note down any custom demand, any special handling needed, and last but not least a cost-benefit analysis and finalizing of the quote.

Why Should You Book Your Intercity Move With Us?

"Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Movers takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of removals services to our customers to choose from. Whether it’s Whole House intercity removals or office intercity removals, we are highly equipped with all the necessary skills and always do a timely execution.

Not every move demands huge boxes loaded into the truck one after one, many moves demand Single item packers and movers services which usually cover bulky and oversized furniture removals such as your Piano, Spa Tub, and Couch, etc. "Auckland Movers Packers" provides you an inexpensive single item moving which will suit your small moves. To get prompt estimates on our single item packers and movers service call us on +64 9801 3950 and schedule your move.

We have moved 1500 plus houses and offices both locally and intercity. We are providing our authentic removalists services in Auckland from 5 years and always left a mark of excellence behind each move. "Auckland Movers Packers" Island Moving Company Auckland are widely used and recommended. Our intercity movers Auckland team have established ourselves as a great entrusted identity with an ever-growing number of moves, we provide all types and sizes of vehicles and guarantees a 0 damage movement.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Packaging And Cleaning Services

Backed with sound resources and talented personnel, our moving services have emerged as leading Furniture moving and packaging service providers in Auckland. "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Packaging involves a range of packaging both standard and custom, for example, Fragile packaging which includes our custom crates, Cell Foams are used for your valuable furniture which allows the furniture to absorb some air as well, Heavy-duty plastic for soft furnishings and double coatings, Cardboard boxes of all shapes, plastic bags and colored labels, etc.

When the customer reaches his destination, ninety-nine percent of times he needs a quick cleaning of the house which he feels tired to do after the long intercity moves and so add a little more value to our removalists service at the extent of customer satisfaction and more a necessity, we offer both pre-move cleaning and post-move cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Services includes-

  • Floor vacuumed and wiping the appliances
  • Garbage dumping, surface, and rubs vacuuming.
  • Sink and Toilet cleaning and Sanitizing.
  • Closet fronts and interiors in-depth cleaning.
  • Surface, area rugs, and carpet vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning.
  • Doorknobs, windows, baseboards and frames, Mirror, and door frame wiping.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Moving And Storage Company

"Auckland Movers Packers" offer both temporary and permanent storage solutions. Temporary Furniture storage facility states below 90 days and after that, your possessions will be transferred to the permanent storage house. Our motive here is to give you a stress-free moving journey and assuring 100% customer satisfaction. We understand as to why people need to store their belongings and there could be various reasons to do that like, delay in moving to your new accommodation, or long intercity moves, etc. Our furniture storage service in Auckland comes with detailed safety options which enhances the chances of secure storage- These includes-security alarms like burglar alarms, door card locks, fire alarms, 24*7 climate control, DVRs, and CCTVs and 24*7 working security guards. 

When we provide storage, Intercity Removals in Auckland becomes are easier. Your furniture moving and storage facilities are highly taken care of when you relocate with "Auckland Movers Packers". We not only offer a comprehensive range of services but very affordable rates as well. We offer the convenient and safest storage to house your possessions. Also, there are no time boundations, you can store as much and as long as you want to. So worry less about your intercity removals and leave on us, your relocation.

Storage Insurance

Our Intercity Furniture Movers offers quality insurance that inbuilt trust and reliability. It covers accidental loss and damage compensation in 2 most common levels, one being transit insurance which covers damage during the transit due to our fault or natural calamities. Second is Storage insurance which states that if any loss occurred in our storage house say because of theft, fire, natural hazards like earthquake or flood, we will be at the liability’s end.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on where you are moving your goods. If you have a deadline fixed and don’t want a delay than call us right now at +64 9801 3950.

Without filling up the form, your consignment will go nowhere. The form filling is the first step which ensures that you want to avail of our service, without filled form we cannot move your item intercity, or not even locally.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Movers provide specialized crates to handle your art and antiques which is itself quite rarer than our normal standard packing. This crating system best opts when we are moving some fragile items. If you want us to make custom packaging, we will do that. Just give us a call on +64 9801 3950.
Our interstate movers Auckland have a predefined number of weights for boxes and suitcases, which is 30Kg. No individual box or bags should weigh more than 30Kg. But you don’t have to worry about that. Our packers will ensure how best possibly your items are packed and securely moved to the destination.
Our interstate moving company in Auckland provide both in transit and storage insurance. If your belongings get damaged during the move or in our storage house, you will get compensated with the truest value of the item. For more information about our insurance policies than call us via our contact page.
We use both Large as well as standard-sized boxes. Large boxes ‘ height and width are 61cmx41cm and standard box is 51cmx31cm. The large box is designed to carry stuff like your clothes, bedsheets, sports equipment, etc. and the standard box is designed to carry books, files, CDs, etc.


Auckland Movers Testimonial

It was an amazing experience with the Auckland Movers Packers. We have moved a lot in Auckland and each time books their removalists services. Starting with their pre-move service, they surveyed our home furniture and listed down our needs. They loaded our property with the utmost care as if it would theirs. I am satisfied with the choice of vehicles they used to locate my stuff. Our belongings were safely moved. They did a post-move cleaning of our new house as well and arranged our furniture as per our command. I am 100% satisfied with the Auckland Movers Packers, they are one of the best moving companies Auckland, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Mason Walsh

Moving Companies Auckland Testimonial

We have recently moved to Howick. And if to put the work of Auckland Movers Packers Furniture Movers into a word, I would choose “Perfect”. I was worried at first, how will I manage everything? But as soon as we contacted the Auckland Movers Packers, our stress flew! There moving company in Auckland provided us with prompt checklists to get prepared for the move, which helped me and my family a lot. The Moving staff was well skilled and professional. Their tools and techniques were polished and practiced. My belongings reached with utmost care and safety. I will highly recommend Auckland Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Amelia

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Auckland Movers Packers are the best Auckland Movers near me. They helped me move through the intercity. They have a highly professional removals team that gives on the spot solutions and leaves no stone unturned in giving the maximum moving satisfaction. They were extremely humble, polite, and coordinating. I am fully satisfied with their service.

- Andrew Finn

Cheap Movers Auckland

Auckland Movers Packers Furniture movers exceeded my expectations. My family members recommended that I hire them. They personally came to survey my house, they took photographs, listed the suitable packaging and trolleys needed to locate my piano, and finalized the quotation. On the day of moving, they were punctual and polite. The loading machines were apt. My belongings were moved with the highest care and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. They are literally the best Packers and movers in Auckland near me.

- Natalia Connelly

Auckland Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Auckland Movers Packers Removalists. They provided me with a very high-quality moving service yet at a very cheap rate. They are the best budget movers in Auckland near me. I relocated my office from Botany Downs to cockle bay. Though it is quite stressful when you relocate your office from such a long distance, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Auckland Movers Packers were quick, professional, and faultless. My office essentials were moved with care and protection. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Lachlan

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