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If you want an unchallenging and trouble-free relocation, you're at the right place! We the best Furniture Movers Auckland team ensures an undemanding yet Keen, professional and Cheap furniture movers Auckland services. We are one of the most commonly picked and best furniture removal companies in Auckland.

Whether you want to move locally, within Island or inter Island, "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Removals Auckland team, will ensure a seamless move. Our highly trained man with van will satisfy each moving step with 100 percent attention, dedication, and impeccability. Our  Moving Company is designed to take the normal moves, one step further in terms of quality standards and latest technology.

Our Auckland Movers and Packers Team has an experience of 5 years in the removals industry. Our zeal of giving the best to our customers has carved our way to winning the trust of our customers in such a short span of time. We offer a variety of customized Furniture Removals services.

Affordable Furniture Removals in Auckland

Bed Movers In Auckland

Our Bed Removals service is designed to carry out the process in both a uniform and flexible manner. Our Professional Movers and Packers are ingrained with all the requisite skills for an effortless Bed Removals. The process involves a series of steps like rolling the mattress, disassembling the head, footboard, frame, legs, etc. packaging them safely and fastened with the moving straps. After which your Bed is moved with the utmost care and relocated safely in your new destination.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Fridge Movers

Our Auckland Furniture Removals Company works with diligent planning and organizes each step to attain higher standards while moving. Our Fridge Movers works in a series of steps that cover the dismantling, customized packaging, and loading of your valuable belongings with the help of appropriate machinery and techniques. 

"Auckland Movers Packers" Wardrobe Movers-

Depending upon what type of wardrobe you have will fix our plan of what to do prior to just start Wardrobe Removal. But few steps other than dismantling are almost the same for each time moving a wardrobe. These steps include packaging the loose parts like valet rods, shelves, and mirror if any. We uses high-quality packaging and the latest tools and machines to carry out the process effortlessly.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Dining Table Movers-

"Auckland Movers Packers" Dining Table Movers are well equipped with all the relevant machinery from small trolley to large hydraulic tailgate lifters. The dining table removals process embodies 3 stages or steps- disassembling, packaging, and loading. We move all types of dining tables with an abundance of professionalism. For packaging, our Cheap Furniture Movers Auckland use moving blankets for wooden parts and bubble wrappings and plastic wrappings for delicate parts, majorly made of mirror and moving straps and binding tapes for loading. All this with the help of the right technique, experience, and efficient machinery ensures a secure move.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Bathtub Movers-

Our Bathtub Removals plan totally rests upon the type of Bathtub as there are many, how we move the same and what techniques and machinery we are going to be using. While moving a Bathtub our priority remains the safe, bother-free, and smooth bathtub removal. We do from free-standing Hot tub Removals to large multi-facet Spa tub removals.

How Our Furniture Movers Auckland Team Works?

"Auckland Movers Packers" moving plan starts a few weeks earlier than the actual move. Our cheap furniture movers Auckland team has ingrained this pre-move plan to ensure the timely completion, quality service, organized steps, and nevertheless, to limit the work on a moving day.

2 weeks before the Moving day-

Let's get organized! 2 weeks seems to be a long span of time but trust us, this time will decide how efficient your whole moving journey will be. Our furniture removals Auckland team have provided a simple checklist that gives you a Clear Mind map that assists in planning the move cleanly and in a structured manner. This will automatically let you remember the most ignored tasks which often create hassles whilst the moving process.

  • Notify your Kid's school staff about the move. Collect the copies of their records just so that you could apply them in the next one easily. Clear the procedure or paperwork if remaining.
  • Notify your family doctors and dentist to complete your routine checkup if needed or to get an extra copy of your medical records.
  • Notify your landlords (if any) and clear the pending payments and have your security deposit returned.
  • Likewise, other important people who you should notify are your subscriptions, tax department, electricity department, Internet provider, and Banks.
  • Start Sorting- Put all your important documents like Identity proof, Visa, License, Marriage certificates, CV/Resume, Birth certificates, etc.. into separate files. Your valuables like jewelry, heirlooms, tiny antique, etc need to get isolated from the moving journey.
  • Dispose of the unwanted items that you do not want to move or are unable to move. Such items that our Furniture Movers Auckland team, does not move includes paint, kerosene, batteries, petrol, firearms, ammunition, Oils, and Cleaning fluid.

1 week before the Moving Day-

  • Use the food that is remaining and likewise strategize the food by sorting the durable and non-durable. Eat up the perishables and open ones and leave the packed one durable food items which are easily movable.
  • Confirm with "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Movers and call for a pre-move survey. Our pre-move survey includes the prompt quote revision and confirmation, checklist provision, and also helps to clear any sort of doubt with both the ends.
  • You can prepare a bag of items that you're going to use straight up when reaching the destination.

1 day before the Move-

  • Defrost the fridge after removing all the food items and disconnect it.
  • Disconnect your TV, Computer, and electronic appliances.
  • Dry up the Bathtub.
  • Secure your vital documents.

On Moving Day-

On the Moving day, Our House Movers Team will do the cleaning, disassembling, packaging, and loading. Our Cheap Furniture Movers Auckland will ensure the easy and stress-free move with the help of our experienced mover's team, high tech machines, proper and custom packaging material, essential tools, Custom size vehicles and on spot moving solutions.

What is expected from the customers is that they need to be there to coordinate with our Movers. Be there to ensure that everything is working as per your highest satisfaction and to command if you want any changes or having a problem. We anticipate an answer to the questions and proper coordination.

Our Professional Yet Cheap Furniture Removals Services in Auckland

Special Handling for Bulky Furniture: "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Movers are well trained and experienced in special handling and storage of oversized items like your Bed, Piano, Wardrobe, Pool table, etc.. After dismantling and safely packaging the parts, we load the belongings with the use of our top-notched machinery like Lifters, Flat trolley, Wardrobe or Piano Dollies, etc. to overcome the painstaking moving process of moving these heavyweight and expensive properties. We also offer temporary furniture storage which will help you store for as long as you want.

Pre-Move Service- We organize and perform a pre-move survey 1 week before the actual move so as to clear all your doubts. This will help finalize the relocation time and quotation which will pull away all your concerns regarding hidden charges.

Here are the lists of areas that our surveyor usually documents-

  • Any item that requires special moving and storage like your pool table or multifaceted Spa tub.
  • Any other logistics or inventory needed to carry out the move.
  • If any Vehicle or Pet transportation needs to be done or not.
  • Custom crating for fragile and tenuous antiques.
  • A number of doors, measures of corridors, if have stares or not, Men required, Size of trucks needed, unpackaging service required or not, etc.
  • A pre-move cleaning service required or not.
  • Source the right tools and machines for your furniture. Pre-move counseling which will cover a cost-benefit analysis.

Post-Move Services-"Auckland Movers Packers" provides a safe and hassle-free furniture removal with a secure storage facility as well. Our Post-Move Service includes the following small yet effective sub-services like unpacking, disposing of the junks, and post-move cleaning service.

  • Unpacking and disassembling the items- Our Furniture removalists team will unpack all the packaging for you. From opening fragile packages to large boxes, we do it all. Not just unpacking but also reassembling the oversized complicated furniture after the secure move. We will place it wherever you want.
  • Disposing of the junk- We dispose of all the remnants. Instead of being dumped by you into the backyard, we recycle them and play our part in ensuring an eco-friendly move.
  • Post-Move Cleaning Service- Our Furniture Movers Team provides post-move cleaning services that include minute and in-depth cleaning of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and Living room.

Why Should You Book Your Furniture Move With Our Furniture Movers Auckland Team?

"Auckland Movers Packers" are the most commonly used Furniture Removals Company. Few attributes of our Removalists Services-

  • A Highly Skilled Team: As per the dynamics of the need of the people, a Furniture Moving Team has to be dutiful, attentive, well equipped, trained, and experienced. The "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Movers Auckland team possesses all these attributes. Having an experience of 5 years in the removals industry with 100% customer satisfaction and a 0 damage guarantee, our moving team has a set caliber.
  • Professional Packagers: Whether a residential furniture Removals or commercial furniture removals, Our professional packagers use the right methods and materials to secure your furniture. We are committed to render top class, skilled and professional packaging. Materials we use-Thick Cardboard Boxes, Moving Cloth, Low-density polythene, Labels, small plastic bags, wrapping sheets, plastic bubble wrappings, Moving Straps, metal cans, and steel containers.
  • Important tools and Machinery: "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Movers has all the essential tools which are often used in dismantling the furniture, whether normal styled or complicated, for example, a spa tub or a Bed.  Machines like Lifting Equipment, Hand trolley, Door Stops, HydraulicTailgate lifts, trolleys, Dolly or Flat trolley, etc.

Our Furniture Removals Services includes Furniture Packing & Cleaning Services

Furniture Packaging- Auckland Movers Packer's furniture removalists use high-quality packaging material which is designed as per the changing dynamics of customer needs. After the pre-move survey, our furniture movers Auckland team take a special note on your fragile, art, antiques, and oversized furniture. Any item which needs special handling is documented.

Our Furniture Packaging Services Comprehends-

  • Fragile packaging which includes our custom crates
  • Moving clothes and special paddings for wooden and vulnerable items.
  • Cardboard boxes of all shapes, plastic bags, and colored labels.
  • Heavy-duty plastic for soft furnishings and double coatings.
  • Custom wrappings for expensive valuables.
  • Cell Foams are used for your valuable furniture which allows the furniture to absorb some air as well.
  • Specialized high-quality thick cardboard boxes for your electronic appliances.

Cleaning Services-

Kitchen Cleaning-

  • Floor vacuumed and wiping the appliances.
  • Cabinet and drawers cleaning.
  • Doorknobs, windows, baseboards, and frames wiping.
  • Appliances exteriors cleaning, etc.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

Bathroom Cleaning-

  • Sink and Toilet cleaning and Sanitizing.
  • Garbage dumping, surface, and rubs vacuuming.
  • Mirror, doorknobs, and door frame wiping.
  • Switches, baseboard and closet cleaning
  • Surface cleaning and sanitizing.

Living Area and Bedroom Cleaning-

  • Surface, area rugs, and carpet vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning.
  • Mirrors, baseboard, doorknobs, Light switches wiping, and cleaning.
  • Window sliding and tracks dusting.
  • Closet fronts and interiors in-depth cleaning.
  • Garbage emptying.
  • Marked walls and baseboards' detailed cleaning.

Furniture Removals & Storage Services

"Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Movers in Auckland have a network spread across Auckland. We understand the need for temporary storage while moving your belongings when you are searching for rental accommodation, resting in a hotel, or in case of intercity removals.

Our top-notch furniture storage facility meets all the standards of quality, security, and seamless moving. Our Storage houses are spread at important hubs across the city of sails, Auckland.

For us, a Secure storage facility is not just some words. "Auckland Movers Packers" furniture removalists mean it to no ends. Cheap furniture movers Auckland give our customers high surveillance storage which includes the following safety benefits like Burglar alarm, door card locks, Fire alarm, and temperature controllers, Attentive security guards, CCTVs with 24*7 real-time monitoring.

Our Reliable Furniture Removal Company in Auckland Offers Moving Insurance For Every Move

Are your belongings safe during transit? Every customer who has once moved or is going to move faces a sense of insecurity of damage or loss of his valuable and expensive property. We the "Auckland Movers Packers" Furniture Removals Auckland Service providers, offer insurance to our customers to console them and ensure a stress-free and reliable move.

Making it simpler and prompt, we provide you with a quote in which you can choose the most suitable insurance cover. Our furniture removal companies Auckland provide an accidental damage cover in which any type of loss or damage of the property, missing property, missing pair of a set of property, changes in the condition of the property before and after relocation, breakage or cracks are considered for the rightful claim. If you find any of such conditions, you can claim within 24 hours after the relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Furniture Movers in Auckland

Of course, we understand that some furniture needs special handling and packaging, and so we provide custom packaging for our customers. Though we always meet the professional packaging standards, in such cases and on your demand we will provide special and rare packaging solutions for you.

Though it is not likely to happen as we are extremely professional and careful in our work, we cannot sit back and think that it would never happen, as it's not completely impossible. So for your consolation, we provide for the insurance that will be discussed when you call us to decide the quotes. But to answer now, of course, we will compensate you for any of your loss, big or small.

You can contact us on +64 9801 3950 and ask for the standard quotation. Yes we are one of the best Furniture Movers in South Auckland. But we will advise you to book a pre-move survey to get the quotation finalized. This will prevent you from any hidden charge at the end of the relocation. If you have any query or doubts feel free to ask us straight through the call or mail us at
We accept payment through MasterCard and Visa. If you cannot pay via credit or debit card then you can directly transfer through your bank. Call us at +64 9801 3950 for more information and payment options.
It totally depends upon the size and number of items you want to move. For example, if you want to move 4 to 5 large items then a standard cargo van is best. If you are moving something purposely tall or a few oversized items then a truck is advised. Do list all your items and their types while booking so that the right size van or truck can be provided for a smooth and secure move.
Not particularly you have to be present, but make sure that someone would be present to acknowledge the delivery. Make sure to inform us of the details of the recipient who is going to get the delivery.


Auckland Movers Testimonial

It was an amazing experience with the Auckland Movers Packers. We have moved a lot in Auckland and each time books their removalists services. Starting with their pre-move service, they surveyed our home furniture and listed down our needs. They loaded our property with the utmost care as if it would theirs. I am satisfied with the choice of vehicles they used to locate my stuff. Our belongings were safely moved. They did a post-move cleaning of our new house as well and arranged our furniture as per our command. I am 100% satisfied with the Auckland Movers Packers, they are one of the best moving companies Auckland, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Mason Walsh

Moving Companies Auckland Testimonial

We have recently moved to Howick. And if to put the work of Auckland Movers Packers Furniture Movers into a word, I would choose “Perfect”. I was worried at first, how will I manage everything? But as soon as we contacted the Auckland Movers Packers, our stress flew! There moving company in Auckland provided us with prompt checklists to get prepared for the move, which helped me and my family a lot. The Moving staff was well skilled and professional. Their tools and techniques were polished and practiced. My belongings reached with utmost care and safety. I will highly recommend Auckland Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Amelia

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Auckland Movers Packers are the best Auckland Movers near me. They helped me move through the intercity. They have a highly professional removals team that gives on the spot solutions and leaves no stone unturned in giving the maximum moving satisfaction. They were extremely humble, polite, and coordinating. I am fully satisfied with their service.

- Andrew Finn

Cheap Movers Auckland

Auckland Movers Packers Furniture movers exceeded my expectations. My family members recommended that I hire them. They personally came to survey my house, they took photographs, listed the suitable packaging and trolleys needed to locate my piano, and finalized the quotation. On the day of moving, they were punctual and polite. The loading machines were apt. My belongings were moved with the highest care and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. They are literally the best Packers and movers in Auckland near me.

- Natalia Connelly

Auckland Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Auckland Movers Packers Removalists. They provided me with a very high-quality moving service yet at a very cheap rate. They are the best budget movers in Auckland near me. I relocated my office from Botany Downs to cockle bay. Though it is quite stressful when you relocate your office from such a long distance, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Auckland Movers Packers were quick, professional, and faultless. My office essentials were moved with care and protection. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Lachlan

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