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Of course, we understand that some furniture needs special handling and packaging, and so we provide custom packaging for our customers. Though we always meet the professional packaging standards, in such cases and on your demand we will provide special and rare packaging solutions for you.

Though it is not likely to happen as we are extremely professional and careful in our work, we cannot sit back and think that it would never happen, as it's not completely impossible. So for your consolation, we provide for the insurance that will be discussed when you call us to decide the quotes. But to answer now, of course, we will compensate you for any of your loss, big or small.

You can contact us on +64 9889 6066 and ask for the standard quotation. But we will advise you to book a pre-move survey to get the quotation finalized. This will prevent you from any hidden charge at the end of the relocation. If you have any query or doubts feel free to ask us straight through the call or mail us at
We accept payment through MasterCard and Visa. If you cannot pay via credit or debit card then you can directly transfer through your bank. Call us at +64 9889 6066 for more information and payment options.
It totally depends upon the size and number of items you want to move. For example, if you want to move 4 to 5 large items then a standard cargo van is best. If you are moving something purposely tall or a few oversized items then a truck is advised. Do list all your items and their types while booking so that the right size van or truck can be provided for a smooth and secure move.
Not particularly you have to be present, but make sure that someone would be present to acknowledge the delivery. Make sure to inform us of the details of the recipient who is going to get the delivery.


Can I pack the items myself?

No. We do not move pre-packed items because if any damage occurs during your belonging it will debar you from our transit protection. The best option for you is to leave the packing and move on to us if you want to sit back, panic-free during the whole moving journey.

Can I alter my booking?

It is a little difficult to edit the booking details, but not impossible. Call us at +64 9889 6066 and we will see what we can do for you. Remember if you want to add certain items or pick up locations, this will not be free of cost. You will be charged for the additional cost. If you want to add an item last minute and our man doesn’t have more space in the van or truck, you have to book an additional service to get it relocated.

How can I contact my driver?

We will message you the details of the driver so that you can keep the track of your belongings. In any case, if the driver isn’t able to answer your call contact us on +64 9889 6066

What items can you deliver?

Except for hazardous items, paints, oils, easily perishable, greasy items, flammables, live plants, dangerous oil, and sprays, we can deliver everything which does not crate problem while moving your belongings safely. From moving art and antiques to your giant furniture like wardrobes, bed, bathtub, etc. we move everything.

Do you dismantle the furniture before moving?

It depends upon the type of furniture, but we usually always dismantle the oversized and heavy furniture like the Pool table, piano, bed, etc. Our moving team is proficient, skilled, and experienced in dismantling and reassembling the furniture.

Can your man do the packing?

Each moving team member is well skilled and trained in every aspect of a removal service. They all are professional packers and movers.


It depends on where you are moving your goods. If you have a deadline fixed and don’t want a delay than call us right now at +64 9889 6066.

Without filling up the form, your consignment will go nowhere. The form filling is the first step which ensures that you want to avail of our service, without filled form we cannot move your item intercity, or not even locally.

"Auckland Movers Packers" Intercity Movers provide specialized crates to handle your art and antiques which is itself quite rarer than our normal standard packing. This crating system best opts when we are moving some fragile items. If you want us to make custom packaging, we will do that. Just give us a call on +64 9889 6066.
We have a predefined number of weights for boxes and suitcases, which is 30Kg. No individual box or bags should weigh more than 30Kg. But you don’t have to worry about that. Our packers will ensure how best possibly your items are packed and securely moved to the destination.
We provide both in transit and storage insurance. If your belongings get damaged during the move or in our storage house, you will get compensated with the truest value of the item. For more information about our insurance policies than call us via our contact page.
We use both Large as well as standard-sized boxes. Large boxes ‘ height and width are 61cmx41cm and standard box is 51cmx31cm. The large box is designed to carry stuff like your clothes, bedsheets, sports equipment, etc. and the standard box is designed to carry books, files, CDs, etc.


How much time do you take in deep cleaning a home?

An average 3-4 bedroom house is cleaned in 3-5 hours. Rest depends upon the number of bathrooms, the condition of the space, and the type of cleaning service you have chosen.

Do you carry the cleaning equipment with you?

Yes, we carry all the essential cleaning equipment like a vacuum, scrubs, wipes, sanitizers, etc. with us. You don’t have to provide us with cleaning essentials.

Do you also do office cleaning?

Yes, we provide cleaning service to both individual households and commercial/ office professionals. However, the tame taken in cleaning both differ.

Do you provide post-move cleaning services?

Yes, "Auckland Movers Packers" provides post-move cleaning services as well. We understand that after successful moving, it is difficult to deep clean your house as you have to do other important work once you get relocated to a new place. So we offer a post-move cleaning service for the highest satisfaction of our customers.

How to avail of your pre-moving cleaning service?

It’s simple. Call us on +64 9889 6066 if you want to get your home or office cleaned before moving. Our team will discuss with you and sort all your queries related to our cleaning services. We are always ready to help you.


You can store it for as long as you want. We offer storage on a month to month rental basis. Once your storage reaches 90 days, it gets shifted to our permanent storage. You can pay for the storage with your debit or credit card. If not, then you can opt for a visa or direct bank transfer.

Yes. "Auckland Movers Packers" uses heavy-duty packing cardboard boxes and excellent quality packaging supplies for your belongings. We are professional packers and movers. But if you have a certain packing material that you are thinking of using, we will advise not to pre-pack any of your items and let us check the material first. If it stands on our expectations and quality then we will utilize that.

Yes. We dismantle the oversized items so that the move could become as easy and smooth as possible. But don’t worry about that, after reaching the destination we will unpack and reassemble all the items that we have disassembled before moving.
It depends. If you are moving locally then we will charge our basic rates. But if you are moving intercity, then we have to make a custom quote for you. Please call us and ask your query related to quotes and booking via our contact page.
To make your move really smooth, notice prior 10-12 days from moving day is required. However, we also do instant removals for which you have to contact us. We would love to help our customers.


Are steps a problem in moving a piano?

Fewer or no steps are always a plus point in moving a piano. But "Auckland Movers Packers" are experienced in working with such complicated architectures with ease. We have experience moving the piano with uprises, lengthy stairways, elevators, etc. We are professional movers with the experience of 5 years in the removals industry. We have to move more than 1200 pianos and no complication can defy our skills and perfection. Trust us, it’s all about techniques.

Do you have a storage facility for the piano?

Yes, we provide storage facilities for the piano. These are 100% safe and temperature controlled. You can store your piano for months.

How to get a quote?

Fill the form or mail us, we will contact you within 48 hours. However, if you want an instant quote or have any query contact us at +64 9889 6066.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, the quote you get is the final amount you are going to pay.

How much experience do you have in piano removals?

"Auckland Movers Packers" piano removals service is 5 years old and to date, we have successfully moved 1200 plus pianos. Our team is talented, proficient, dedicated, and values your money. We have a successful track record. Customers’ testimonials are the proof. Our moving services in Auckland are widely used and recommended.

Do you disassemble the Piano before moving?

Yes, we disassemble every type of piano before moving. It makes the carrying, loading, and unloading very easy and smooth. After reaching the destination we unpack and reassemble the piano.


You can mail us on our mail id or fill the form on our website’s contact page. We will respond to you between 1 hour-48 hour. Generally, it’s done between 24 hours. For an instant quote, you can contact us right now at +64 9889 6066.

Yes. We disassemble the pool tables from moving. "Auckland Movers Packers" has high quality and sufficient tools and equipment to disassemble the pool table. We safely disassembled and reassembled when we reached the destination.

We do House removals, intercity removals, office removals, piano and pool table removals. Whether you are moving some boxes or a 5-6 bedroom house we are always ready with our professional and resourced team.
Yes. "Auckland Movers Packers" Pool table Movers removes the felt with utmost care and patience that you surely don’t have to worry about it being torn or ripped. We again place it with the help of staples or stick it again with the help of felt gum.
Yes, we provide secure storage for the pool table. You can store it for as long as you want. We provide month to month for pool table rentals.


Do you move offices on weekends?

Yes, "Auckland Movers Packers" Office Movers are available all weeks. We move offices mostly on weekends because; this helps to lower the impacts on business as well as lowers the cost. So moving after hours is actually cheaper.

We have a large number of PCs. Can you move them with safety?

Yes. We pack the computer in hard cardboard boxes. But before that, we make sure to bubble wrap them and double coat with the help of packing paper. This helps to keep the computer screens safe and immovable during the transit.

Do you provide transit insurance for commercial relocations?

Yes, we provide commercial transit insurance which covers the loss or any damage incurs to property while in transit. To know more about our insurance policies feel free to ask us via call. Go to the contact page and clear your doubts. We are always ready to respond.

Do you provide a full plan for our move?

Yes, "Auckland Movers Packers" provides a pre-move consultancy for your move. For that, you need to inform us 10-12 days before the move. We provide a checklist for all the tasks to be performed by you for a smooth move at your side. Rest the packaging, handling, and relocation will be done securely and professionally and planned manner.

Are you experienced office movers?

Yes. We have relocated 1500 plus offices and are working in the removals industry for 5 years now. We have maintained a successful journey and reputation to date. When you are choosing the "Auckland Movers Packers" Office relocation service, you are opting for professional, experienced, and dedicated movers who care for your time and money.


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Auckland Movers Testimonial

It was an amazing experience with the Auckland Movers Packers. We have moved a lot in Auckland and each time books their removalists services. Starting with their pre-move service, they surveyed our home furniture and listed down our needs. They loaded our property with the utmost care as if it would theirs. I am satisfied with the choice of vehicles they used to locate my stuff. Our belongings were safely moved. They did a post-move cleaning of our new house as well and arranged our furniture as per our command. I am 100% satisfied with the Auckland Movers Packers, they are one of the best moving companies Auckland, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Mason Walsh

Moving Companies Auckland Testimonial

We have recently moved to Howick. And if to put the work of Auckland Movers Packers Furniture Movers into a word, I would choose “Perfect”. I was worried at first, how will I manage everything? But as soon as we contacted the Auckland Movers Packers, our stress flew! There moving company in Auckland provided us with prompt checklists to get prepared for the move, which helped me and my family a lot. The Moving staff was well skilled and professional. Their tools and techniques were polished and practiced. My belongings reached with utmost care and safety. I will highly recommend Auckland Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Amelia

Packers and Movers Auckland Testimonial

Auckland Movers Packers are the best Auckland Movers near me. They helped me move through the intercity. They have a highly professional removals team that gives on the spot solutions and leaves no stone unturned in giving the maximum moving satisfaction. They were extremely humble, polite, and coordinating. I am fully satisfied with their service.

- Andrew Finn

Cheap Movers Auckland

Auckland Movers Packers Furniture movers exceeded my expectations. My family members recommended that I hire them. They personally came to survey my house, they took photographs, listed the suitable packaging and trolleys needed to locate my piano, and finalized the quotation. On the day of moving, they were punctual and polite. The loading machines were apt. My belongings were moved with the highest care and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. They are literally the best Packers and movers in Auckland near me.

- Natalia Connelly

Auckland Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Auckland Movers Packers Removalists. They provided me with a very high-quality moving service yet at a very cheap rate. They are the best budget movers in Auckland near me. I relocated my office from Botany Downs to cockle bay. Though it is quite stressful when you relocate your office from such a long distance, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Auckland Movers Packers were quick, professional, and faultless. My office essentials were moved with care and protection. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Lachlan

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